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The Morning Banter: Everything You Need To Know About the Debt Ceiling + More

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It's Wednesday and unless you're furloughed out of the office, you're probably looking for a real good excuse to put off that TPS report right about now.  Well here it is... everything you need to know and everything you should be talking about.


The Washington Post has made it exponentially easier for you to bullshit your way through a conversation about the  Debt Ceiling with this handy guide.


Time Magazine brutally states the obvious with this week's cover.  The way of majority rule is dead.


Advertisers everywhere beware! The Millenial male is not who you think he is (but you can definitely assume he does not have cable).

 In a true display of Darwinism, a seal out-bests a Great White Shark by balancing on it's nose and swimming the hell out of there before it's too late.  The pictures alone are worth a look.



And the best video on the internet this week is......   one of Senator Elizabeth Warren taking no prisoners and putting the blame where it belongs for this governmental shutdown crisis.  (Photo by Tim Pierce)