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Kris Jenner in Biggest Divorce of Century, Obama Gets Celeb Help, and Neil deGrasse Tyson Slams 'Gravity'

The Daily Banter Celebrity round up: The divorce of the century (well, the month, anyway), celebrities help Obama (sort of), Gravity would, like, never work in real life and Miley reveals what she is good at!

Kris and Bruce Jenner divorcing. Who would have thunk it?

When the news broke that Mumma Kardashian (aka Kris) and Bruce Jenner announced that they’ve decided to call it quits after 22 years, the world collectively and simultaneously shook with disbelief. Surely not them? Their marriage being effectively created from solid rock that not even a reality show, a million book deals, spin-off reality shows, perfumes, biographies and talk shows could break.

But yes, it has been confirmed. They have parted ways and now all those who are married look across at their other half knowing full well that if the Kardashians can’t make it, clearly no one can and all those who have yet to tie the knot think, fuck it. Divorce is expensive. And so it also emerges that - whooospie daisy - there was never a Jenner-Kardashian pre-nup, so now we can at least look forward to a long court case where they can divide their $125 million estate.

Hello series 9 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (divorces).

And actress Nina Dobrev has gone all political. While the government may be taking an extended siesta, there have been a few celebs who have taken to instagram to support Obamacare.

And what better way to advance the debate than to pose topless with a sign saying 'get covered'? I know, you can’t think of any other way either. And she’s not even American: “I’m Canadian,” she says. “We have healthcare for all.”

Alright. No need to rub it in, Nina.

Meanwhile, Gravity – starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock has rocketed (sorry, bad pun) to the top of the box office. Only trouble is one spoilsport is intent on ruining the magic of film.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has decided that the film was filled with inaccuracies and ruins it for all of us. He asks:

“Why is Bullock’s hair, in otherwise convincing zero-G scenes, did not float freely on her head?”

“why does astronaut Clooney inform medical doctor Bollock what happens medically during oxygen depravation?”

“Nearly all satellites orbit Earth west to east yet all satellite debris portrayed orbited east to west.”

And my favourites:

“Gravity should be renamed Angular Momentum – the tendency, once set rotating, to keep rotating, unless another force acts to slow or stop it.”

And,“Why do we enjoy a sci-fi film set in make-believe space more than we enjoy actual people set in real space?”

I can answer this one I think. It’s because real astronauts don’t look like George Clooney and Sandra Bullock and we would hope that nothing that crazy would actually happen.

It’s a film, Neil. I didn’t really think Keanu Reeves could disarm a bomb under a bus going really fast whilst looking all pretty with his big arms and dirty white t-shirt or learn Kung-Fu in a second, but guess what? It’s made up. So he totally can. Leave us all to the illusion that these things could happen.

And to end, a lovely quote from the super-sensible, grounded and hugely adored Miley Cyrus. I don’t really think I need to add anything else.

“I can sing. And I can act a little bit too. I’m multi-talented. My parents are proud.”