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If Glenn Beck Wants to Move to Canada We'll Buy The Ticket

Glenn Beck is threatening to move to Canada because he is fearful of the "Obama Revolutionaries" who are planning to "scoop people up". If you're reading this Glenn, go ahead. We'll even pay for the ticket.
plane goodbye

Good luck, Glenn!

How a centrist Democrat who passed a pro corporate health care bill, slashed taxes for the middle classes and expanded gun rights while in office gets labeled a Marxist revolutionary is anyone's guess. But that's the far right's sales pitch to the hordes of pissed off middle Americans ruined by decades of corporate pillaging and a world view shaped by Fox News. And there's really not much anyone can do about it.

Thankfully, one of the major proponents of this theory is threatening to leave America, making the left's job of countering the incessant bullshit a heck of a lot easier.

As Bob Cesca wrote yesterday, Glenn Beck is threatening to move to Canada because he is fearful of the "Obama Revolutionaries" who are planning to "scoop people up". “These people are not screwing around," said Beck. "Look at everything they do. They are revolutionaries, plain and simple". Trying to psychoanalyze someone this batshit crazy should be left to the professionals, but it is suffice to say that Beck is suffering a severe case of delusional paranoia. It's a bit sad really as Beck is clearly unwell and should really be in a mental institution, but by virtue of living in a country where Michele Bachmann gets to make decisions in government, he somehow has his own television network and therefore a very large platform to speak to people. And that presents a very serious threat to American democracy given the fragility of the American economy and the volatility of its politics.

So while we can feel sorry for Glenn, there are more immediate concerns - like getting him away from American voters as fast as humanly possible.

Glenn, if you're reading this, go for it. Pack your bags and head off far, far away from Obama and his revolutionaries - preferably to a Canadian forest with no towns, roads or internet connection. We'll even pay for the ticket.

We would also send your meds, but thankfully in Canada, they're free.