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The Daily Banter Mail Bag: Who Will Cave on the Debt Ceiling, Greenwald Fatigue and Our 'Living Hell' Songs

In this week's edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Ben, Bob, and Chez discuss who will cave on the debt ceiling, our 'Living Hell' songs and Greenwald Fatigue.

In this week's edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Ben, Bob, and Chez discuss who will cave on the debt ceiling, our 'Living Hell' songs and Greenwald Fatigue.

The questions:

1. OK, really, who's going to finally cave in the debt ceiling fight? While I understand the need for President Obama to hold out against a gang of political terrorists at some point can he really let America and the world go over the cliff?
-- Pete

Ben: I do think Obama should be willing to go all the way on this. I understand the consequences if it really does happen, but the price of caving again will be much worse. If Obama lets these idiots get their way AGAIN, there will be no limits to the damage they'll do in the future. I don't think the US will default on its debt payments because there are other instruments the government can use to meet its obligations (like ignoring the debt ceiling altogether), but Obama has to make it abundantly clear to the country who is at fault for the current crisis, and that means sticking to his guns no matter what.

Chez: That's actually not a bad question. I think Obama needs to hold out and under no circumstances give in to the Republicans' demands, but certainly at some point somebody has to be the adult in the room and prevent catastrophe. And Obama's almost always the adult, especially when dealing with the GOP clown caucus in Congress. I think if it comes down to it, he'll raise the debt ceiling on his own because it's the right thing for the country and the world and deal with the insanity, teeth-gnashing, and almost certain impeachment proceedings (which the GOP has been itching to instigate anyway) that will follow.

Bob: The Republicans will absolutely cave. Boehner already has -- a little bit. Thursday's poll numbers gave the president a lot of capital, considering he's 30 points more popular than Boehner.

2. Do you think Glenn Greenwald is angry that with the government shutdown and possible debt disaster he's been pushed out of the news?
-- Sally

Chez: Well, in the bubble of encomia Glenn lives in he's probably still the number one little boy in the universe, but, yeah, I'm sure it bugs him. He suffers from ADD, meaning that he goes into whatever the melodramatic hypochondriac's version of anaphylactic shock if he isn't getting enough attention.

Bob: He was pushed out of the news long before this thing. People stopped caring about him sometime soon after the Heathrow fiasco.

Ben: Man, more Glenn Greenwald questions... I've said this before, I don't want The Daily Banter to be all about hating Glenn Greenwald, or at least my writing. I'm going to say it again - I still think the guy does some important work, so I'm not going to slam him at every given opportunity and dismiss everything he does. I don't like him as a person and don't like his journalistic methods, but there is value in the work he has done highlighting what the NSA is up to. He probably is pissed that his pet topic isn't headline news anymore, but that doesn't mean it isn't an important topic (it just means Greenwald is an asshole - something everyone knows anyway).

3. What song, if played on repeat for a year, would be a living hell for you?
-- JP

Bob: Oooh, that's easy. 'Rock Lobster' by the B52s.

Chez: 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light'

Ben: Anything with that idiot 'Pitbull' in it. How the fuck did that guy get famous anyway?