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The Morning Banter: The Monster the Koch Brothers Created (and Can't Control), A Standing Ovation Deserved + More

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Thirsty Thursday is upon us! Here's some more poison for you to slug down with your morning coffee:


In a case of Frankenstein (where the monster ultimately leads to the demise of the creator), the Koch Brothers are having great difficulty reining in their Right-Wing Tea Party Monster.  Further proof that karma, is in fact, a bitch.


The government may not be doing its job, but the people aren't going to let this country fall to pieces.  Especially when it comes to the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial, which was being mowed by a patriotic stranger yesterday.


Malala Yousafzai, who is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for standing up to the Taliban, appeared on the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to talk about the importance of education in addressing terrorism.  It is a beautiful, breathtaking interview from a highly intelligent and enlightened young lady.  You'll be better off for watching it.


Edward Snowden received a visit from 4 Americans whistleblowers and was honored with an award for his transparency efforts.  Unrelated,  Snowden's Father, who also arrived in Russia this morning in hopes to meet up with his son.  Could this mean next steps for Snowden are afoot?


And if you think our government is bad, let us look to Azerbaijan who's voting polls opened this morning but... who cares about that because their government has already released the results before polls even closed.  Corruption is amazing, is it not?


Remember that twitter fight between Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye? Looks like it's alllllllll good now.