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Congressman Steve Cohen on the Tea Party: ‘They’re Here As Terrorists’

Finally, a mainstream politician calling the Tea Party out for what it is: A terrorist organization attempting to destroy the government from the inside.
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tea party terrorism

While the media dances around the government shutdown characterizing it as a failure of both parties, few have been willing to publicly say what is actually going on. The truth is that one party is to blame for the giant fuck up in Washington, and it isn't the Democrats. The President and his supporters have been doing their best to present the reality of the situation - that the GOP has essentially hijacked the government in order to get its way. But while there has been a good amount of vitriol coming out of the Democratic Party, they have still refused to call a spade a spade. Thankfully, Steve Cohen, a democratic congressman from Tennessee spelled it out yesterday to David Phillips over at TheBigSlice. Discussing the government shut down on National Progressive Talk Radio and the fact that the Tea Party wants to work in government while simultaneously destroying it, Cohen had the following to say:

teaparty terrorists

Well it is an irony. It’s an inconsistency and they do want to reduce it. They’re here as terrorists and to destroy it from the inside.

Finally, someone willing to call a spade a spade.

The full interview with Cohen can be heard here: