The Morning Banter: Chinese Tourists Are The Worst, Wharton Goes Online + More


It's Tuesday and while almost every television show you've ever loved comes back on tonight, that's several hours away.  Instead let's entertain ourselves with some quality (and not-so-quality) news.  Shall we?


It looks like America's about to give up the throne of "Most Obnoxious Tourists" to China, according to a recent New York Times article. The article goes on to say, "Like their predecessors, the Chinese are newly wealthy and helpless with foreign languages, a combination complicated by their developing country’s historical isolation."   Essentially, we're all just tacky, nouveau riche jerks with no education looking for a good time.  Well put.


In a decidedly good move, Wharton Business School (yes, the Wharton) has put some of it's first year MBA courses online. So now instead of waving a degree in people's faces when you give them unsolicited financial advice, now you can just point to your iPhone for proof that you are in fact a jerk. (But in all seriousness, nice job Wharton!)


With rumors speculating a Fleetwood Mac headlining set at Glastonbury next June (2014), I thought I should let you know that Christine McVie has finally rejoined the band on tour.  Having recently seen them at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., let's hope McVie's presence steps up the performance a bit.  It was rough!


Remember Into The Wild? Well new evidence and study suggests that Chris McCandless did in fact die of poisoning from freshly collected wild-potato seeds twenty-one years ago.  This original theory was presented in both in the book and later the movie (though with McCandless mistaking one plant for another) and caused an uproar amongst the public. Tragic, certainly, but an insightful (scientific) read.


And because I can't get it out of my head, here's a beautiful tune by French songwriter, Woodkid called "Iron" -- pay attention to the video though, because it too is beautiful/amazing/mindblowing.