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Alex Jones Insists the Kenyan Terrorist Attack Was Orchestrated by President Obama

The centerpiece of Jones' freshly minted al-Shabaab conspiracy theory is that the U.S. government runs al-Qaeda. Not maybe. It absolutely does run al-Qaeda. He knows this because it was printed using actual English words on pieces of paper scattered on his radio console.
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Over the weekend, members of the al-Qaeda terrorist cell known as Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen stormed into the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya and murdered at least 68 men, women and children in cold blood. The cell, more commonly known as al-Shabaab or the "Youth," claim to have conducted the attack in retaliation against Kenya for its military presence in neighboring Somalia, while also attempting to provoke a violent response from Kenya against ethnic Somalis.

It's just the kind of horrifyingly tragic event that's totally ripe to be trivialized by another Alex Jones "false flag" conspiracy theory. But this time, instead of just off-handedly labeling it a false flag to distract from another previous false flag, Jones, on his Monday broadcast, went into breathless detail about how it all went down with President Obama pulling the strings.

Of course.

Because Obama is Kenyan.

Get it?

Leading up to the discussion about the Westgate terrorist attack, Jones ranted, seemingly at random and incongruously linking each topic sentence-to-sentence, about the following: torture; NSA and CIA spying on him personally; Prince Bandar gave chemical weapons to al-Qaeda rebels in Syria; Dan Bidondi uncovered a massive conspiracy while attending three Navy Yard press conferences; terrorists might try to kill Jones; we need to pray for InfoWars because it's "dead center in the middle of world events"; Saudis stealing your cameras; the government wants to take our guns; the "out of control" security services in America are "threatening members of the press"; and Ron Paul referring to the Syrian chemical weapons attack as a false flag (he really did). All of this within the span of about 24 minutes. In the midst of this syllabus of madness, Jones said, "We get what's going on." The psychosis of the conspiracy theorist: only they know the truth about how the world works.

So it goes with the attack in Nairobi.

The centerpiece of his freshly minted al-Shabaab conspiracy theory? The U.S. government runs al-Qaeda. Not maybe. It absolutely does run al-Qaeda. He knows this because it was printed using actual English words on pieces of paper scattered on his radio console. The very fact that his conspiracy theories are printed on paper makes them real, you see, real enough for him to wave them around on his show while rattling off various Texas-twanged, strep-throated word salads featuring every imaginable paranoiac shibboleth.

For more details on the theory, Jones wheeled out Jerome Corsi, the notorious World Net Daily writer, Birther, Swift Boat author and moon-landing Truther whose forthcoming book ghoulishly capitalizes on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Right off the top, Corsi, who comports himself as an expert on east Africa, described Somalia as "the warlord, kind of, unlawful, unruled country that we invaded when the Black Hawk Down during the Clinton." I'm not making that up. That's exactly what Corsi said, transcribed verbatim.

Corsi said that Somali terrorists have been pouring into Kenya "since Obama took office" and connected Obama with Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga who, Jones interjected, was instructed by Obama "how to stage riots so they'd give him a prime ministership." Jones continued by shouting, "This is basically Obama behind jihadis connected to this attack. This is -- this is unbelievable!" Yes, it is "unbelievable." Because none of it is true. Corsi went on to describe anti-Kikuyu riots in 2007, which were prompted by the Muslim-supported Odinga who was apparently acting on behalf of the Luo, "which is Obama's tribe."

Are you following this? Obama supported his buddy Odinga who, Corsi said, is the Muslim-backed candidate, which then allowed extremists to flood into Kenya from Somalia, and eventually precipitated al-Shabaab's attack at the Westgate shopping mall on Saturday. The conversation shifted into accusations against the president's half-brother, Malik, who Corsi and Jones charged was running money in Egypt for the Muslim Brotherhood. Then Corsi shifted back to Obama and Odinga, who "invited" al-Shabaab into Kenya where the terrorist cell murdered 68 people in cold blood. Jones said Obama is "lowering the draw bridge" for al-Qaeda to enter Egypt, Syria, Kenya, Libya, central Asia and "everywhere."

"This is high treason, what do we do?" Jones asked.

Corsi and Jones went on and on about Kuwait, WMD, false flags -- I was hoping they'd toss in chemtrails, cyclotronic warfare and estrogen-laced juice boxes, but not this time, although I didn't stick around for hour two, so, you know.

Oh, and the entire Obama-Odinga connection is entirely false, according to way back in 2008. Like the rise of the Birthers, the Odinga hoax began with a bogus viral email during the 2008 presidential election which, among other things, referred to the president by his "real name," Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama, and that Odinga and Obama are not only cousins but they speak on the phone every day. None of this is true and both Corsi and Jones continue to peddle this lie to their followers more than five years after it was debunked.

Worse than anything else, Jones added that they're each in danger of being killed because they're aware of this deep, dark secret plot to install al-Qaeda governments and shari'a law throughout the globe. So never mind the fact that 68 people were murdered while shopping in Nairobi on Saturday, this is all about a make-believe assassination plot against Jones and Corsi because of their obvious tall-tales.

Sure, it's both fun and funny to treat these buffoons like, you know, buffoons, and I enjoy doing it, but it's important to remind ourselves that underneath the cartoonishly unhinged rants, they're really despicable, hateful, racist sociopaths who market in fear and paranoia while turning serious events and the deaths of innocent civilians into their own personal clown show. Again and again and again.

Bob Cesca is the managing editor for The Daily Banter, the editor of, the host of the Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show podcast and a Huffington Post contributor.