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The Morning Banter: Google May Be Wrecking Our Memory, Drug Eradicates HIV, Saint Stephen Colbert + More

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It's Thursday! Only two more days slaving away for the man and then you're home free!  Perhaps kill some of that time with some of this insightful, funny, and even a little bit cheeky internet noise:


You know how you reach for your phone to Google the answer to a question that's plaguing your mind/conversation? Well you, like many others, are actually turning that device into part of your "transactive memory" aka your phone is now a warehouse for you to store all your facts about Full House or Internet Memes.  So in short, is Google ruining our ability to remember?  Apparently not!


Science marvels abound this week!  According to a study by researchers at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, a new  topical anti-fungal drug called Ciclopirox causes HIV-infected cells to commit suicide by jamming up the cells’ powerhouse, the mitochondria.  I don't know about you, but I'm all about that visual imagery if it saves lives!


Is Stephen Colbert a better advocate for Catholic views and the Christian upbringing? Andrew Sullivan sure seems to think so.


In a case of the fantasy is far better than the reality, here's a visual listing of all the places you can buy in Monopoly as they stand today.  See? I always knew Park Place wasn't worth it!

dialect quiz

Kill some more time by finding out if that accent you've been faking is working or not with the Dialect Quiz.  Full disclosure, I totally did it and it eerily pinpointed the exact area of New York that I (mostly) grew up in, despite having foreigners for parents.  I guess you really do learn how to speak from your peers and not just your family.


Finally, jam out to some King Crimson because founding Guitarist Robert Fripp just announced their reunion and I'm so excited I could cry!