The Morning Banter: Black Hole Explosions, Worst State for Women, NRA Tries To Discredit Member + More


Your daily dose of laughs, contradictions and cannot miss news stories is here.  Let's get started!

The NRA recently urged it's membership against participating in a guns study released this week that shows a majority of gun sellers want tougher background checks for gun buyers.  The kicker? The study was being conducted by one of their Members! That means the NRA was slandering one of their own.  Man, you can't make this kind of idiocy up!


Science (and Space!) are on a roll this month! Recently a team of researchers led by the University of Sydney has discovered that  two million years ago  a supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy erupted in an explosion so immensely powerful that it lit up a cloud 200,000 light years away. "The finding is an exciting confirmation that black holes can ‘flicker’, moving from maximum power to switching off over, in cosmic terms, short periods of time."


Not that anyone should be surprised, but the Worst State for Women is..... Louisiana.  I mean, can one expect anything less when one of there major cities celebrates the objectification of women as a "celebration" yearly?  Yeah, I'm looking at you Mardi Gras.


But on to better news!  Finally the Senate unanimously confirms a gay judge!  Todd Hughes will be appointed the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, making him the first openly gay judge to serve on an appeals court in the United States. Woohoo! I hope he celebrated by doing his best jazz-hands.


Finally, I dare you to find anything more entertaining than Stephen Merchant, Jimmy Fallon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing a lip-synch contest  (You can't.):