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The Morning Banter: Nuclear Disaster On The Horizon, Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck, Netflix Pirates Too

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It's Wednesday and considering I just finished reading Gravity's Rainbow (for what was the fourth try -- did you hear Pynchon's got a new book out too?!), this first story we've got for you today is incredibly fitting.  Here goes:

Winning the Most-Ridiculous-Headline-That-Couldn't-Possibly-Be-True-But-Oh-F*ck-It-Is award this week, Mother Jones has a piece on how an accidental nuclear bomb detonation is on the horizon for a major U.S. city if we don't wake the fuck up.

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The internet is a-buzz with reactions to the latest video posted by John Green about the fundamental differences in the cost of healthcare in the U.S. as opposed to other countries. The video goes on to debunk some of the "myths" on why our health care is so costly, which I can only assume are propagated by what I can only assume are Right Wing Conspiracy Cults (and other general idiocy).  It may be a long video, but it's definitely worth a full watch or two.


We've all had that experience, I'm sure, of getting to the check-out counter at Whole Foods and silently cursing at ourselves for buying $200 worth of groceries that'll barely last the week.  Well, if not here's a hilarious account of that exact same scenario.


Talk about learning from the pros, Netflix uses the top illegal download sites to consider what television shows and movies it buys for licensing and availability on both it's instant play and DVD rental service. Let's hope they're monitoring me and will FINALLY put all of Season 1 of The Americans up for viewing sooner or later.


Now let's all stop thinking about doomsday and have a lovely listen to Daughter, an experimental-folk trio from London, UK (and totally one of my new favorite bands).  Their first album, If You Leave, is out now on 4AD and the band is currently on tour throughout  the U.S.  Go listen/see them. You won't regret it.