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The Daily Banter Weekly Wrap Up!

This week we covered everything from Glenn Beck to Anthony Weiner; from Limbaugh to Syria; from to Matt Drudge; from Roman Polanski to Code Pink; from Congress to the World Police... it's all right here!

Here's what we covered at The Daily Banter this week.

Bob Cesca covered the new round of Snowden revelations; he detailed the convergence of Ron Paul, Julian Assange, Matt Drudge and Glenn Greenwald; and he picked apart the accusation that NSA spied on the presidents of Brazil and Mexico.

Ben Cohen delivered the latest round of Glenn Beck Comment Porn; he gave us six reasons why attacking Syria is a bad idea; and he explained how we're sleep-walking into another war.

Chez Pazienza introduced to Rush Limbaugh For Kids; he ripped apart Roman Polanski; he ridiculed the clownishness of Code Pink and Congress and Anthony Weiner; and he explained exactly why sucks.

David Harada Stone distinguished between Iraq and Syria, as well as Bush and Obama.

Oliver Willis said farewell to his late grandmother; he wrote about America's role as the world's policeman; and he ripped Rush Limbaugh record of being serially wrong.

Have a great weekend!