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Morning Banter: The REAL Hannibal Lecter, Ai WeiWei's Guide to Vandalism, Filner is the new Weiner + more

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It's Thursday! And the first of August! (RABBIT RABBIT) So let's start this month off right and get into some funny and insightful journalism before being forced to use our brains for the rest of the day.  Shall we?


In case you ever wondered what the REAL Hannibal Lecter looks like... well, look no further than your grandfather... if  your grandfather was rotting in a Mexican prison for being the world's most notorious serial killer and not, let's say, the ever handsome Mads Mikkelsen.  Bummer.

Ai Weiwei

Got the NSA-Is-Listening-To-All-Of-My-Calls/Emails/Thoughts/Everything-Blues?  Ai WeiWei, David Lynch, and more have helped develop a handy guide to sticking it to the man! Now you all know what to get The Daily Banter staff for Christmas.


San Diego Mayor Bob Filner may just be in a contest for Mayoral absurdity against Anthony Weiner.  Filner's team is insisting that he might not have been sued for sexual harassment had he been properly trained.  Last I checked knowing not to subject anyone -- regardless of gender -- to inappropriate touching, kissing, comments, etc. is just common courtesy/sense.  As a functioning adult, especially once in the public section, you shouldn't need sexual harassment training to teach you this basic fact.  (OF course, too much training is better than not enough).


A surprising long-form piece from Buzzfeed is, well, buzzing all over the internet: A stripper's guide to old mining towns.  Actually a pretty compelling read, which shocks coming from the only place on the internet where you can actually leave with fewer brain cells than you came with.  Like Nicki Minaj, I endorse these strippers.

Allow me to burst your bubble... Porn Sex is not like Real Sex and here's a handy video to prove why (With facts! And Food!).  NSFW if you keep the volume up, otherwise your coworkers will just assume you're just watching the Food Network.