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The Morning Banter: Taco Bell's Waffle Taco, Al Qaeda's ‘Undetectable’ Explosive & Apple's Take Back Policy

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Taco Bell Breakfast

In a genius move that makes amends for their horrid Doritos partnership, Taco Bell started offering breakfast tacos in a few select California stores this past May.  As one can predict, the Waffle Taco has been declared hit and will now be expanding to other locations.  No word yet on when it'll hit the East Coast, but I vote soon (and I vote that the creative genius behind the Waffle Taco get a raise, stat!).  Though my question is, why not make a little more huevos rancheros style for a bit more authenticity?


Senior Government Officials are saying that Al Qaeda (or their affiliates) may have use of a new type of liquid explosive, currently undetectable, in a potential attack.  Several U.S. embassies have been closing in the recent days, in light of the information (and rising threat levels).  According to ABC News, "the new tactic allows terrorists to dip ordinary clothing into the liquid to make the clothes themselves into explosives once dry."  So with this and the following radiation story it's safe to say we are completely doomed.


I'm sure no one is surprised, but it's been confirmed that 300 tons of contaminated water leak into the sea per DAY thanks to the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.  So a word to all you sushi lovers (including our own Ben Cohen), lay off the tuna.  Immediately.


After a woman DIED (yes, DIED) from using a counterfeit iPhone charger, Apple is now instituting a "Take Back" program.  The policy allows iPhone holders to bring in their shoddy made off brand chargers and exchange them for a discounted Apple branded product for a limited time.  Talk about smart marketing (and a good way to handle that whole wrongful death suit that is surely lingering).


And in case you missed it, here's a cat wearing a shark costume while riding a Rumba.  It's Shark Week.  You're welcome.