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The Morning Banter: Sean Gone? Decency Dead? Facebook Fiend?

Here's what you should be reading this Friday morning instead of making your plans to rush out the door early when no one's looking.
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Here's what you should be reading this Friday morning instead of making your plans to rush out the door early when no one's looking:

1. Sean Gone?

If this is true, it's a very big deal and incredibly unexpected. Drudge is reporting that Megyn Kelly's new Fox News time-slot will be 9pm on, replacing Hannity. I'll cop to getting it wrong if the story turns out to be on the up-and-up, since I along with a lot of other people thought Greta was the one about to be sent her walking papers when Ailes announced that Kelly would be moving up to prime-time.

The Huffington Post: Megyn Kelly Getting Sean Hannity's 9 PM Slot: Drudge Report/8.8.13

2. The Quiet Storm

When I first heard that somebody had written a lengthy blog post attempting to shame not those who talk, text and tweet during movies but those who try to get them to knock it the fuck off, I thought for sure that it was a joke. Whoever puts his name to something that ridiculous has to be vying for some kind of Troll of the Year award, right? Except that Anil Dash, whoever the hell that is, is apparently serious. And his silly tirade, which reads like a paean to the entire popular culture of obnoxiously entitled millennials, is now, needless to say, generating a shit-storm in his direction.

Slate: Dear Moviegoing Texters: You're Outnumbered. Sincerely, Shushers/8.8.13

Vulture: Seitz Stands Strong with Movie Theater Shushers/8.8.13

3. Love "Like" Blood

Years ago I interviewed best-selling crime writer and Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen. I asked him why, considering how popular he was even at the time, he chose to stay in South Florida rather than moving to a place like New York or L.A. His response was perfect: "Are you kidding? With all the great material here?" Of course the cannibal who ate a homeless guy's face off happened in Miami. Of course it was Miami where the former mayor, ousted by a judge because of voter fraud, showed up at the new mayor's house with a gun. And of course it's Miami where a small-time actor just shot his wife and posted the picture of her dead body, along with a confession, to Facebook.

Gawker: Husband Murders Wife, Posts Photo of Body on Facebook/8.8.13

Have a good one, kids.