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Rapper Akala Delivers Breathtaking Monologue on Imperialism and Colonialism

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Akala (otherwise known as Kingslee James Daley), is not only one of the most intellectual rappers in the world, he's fast becoming one of the most intellectual people in the world. The London born artist of Jamaican and Scottish descent tours the world for his music but also his astounding grasp of the English language (see his Ted Talk on Shakespeare here, and another talk on the evolution of the rhythmic speech of rap here). Akala has done a series of freestyle raps on social and political issues on BBC Radio's 'Fire in the Booth' - a hip hop show dedicated to promoting upcoming talent, that have taken the internet by storm. In his third appearance on the show, Akala delivers what can only be described as an epic screed on imperialism and neo colonialism. The set is worth watching in full as it really is an astonishing performance. There's quite a bit of London slang in it that might not make sense to Americans, but the information and insight is crystal clear if you pay attention. The opening stanza:

Whoever's more human must have the right to do the abusing
I imagine that means you then
Or are you men just as clueless
Foolish fools, thoughts of a tortured soul
Bought for a quarter of gold
One little sand nigger slaughter it whole
Why not? They don't have souls
They love their children less than we do so they are less than equal
They abuse women so we kill them cos they are bloody villains
That's right, we are the feminists
For the women of the world, kill terrorists
Liberate them from their burqas
They feel more free with their children murdered

Check out the whole thing here: