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Prince Charles: Man Who Talks to Plants Now Demanding Government Spend Money on Homeopathy

When he's not talking to plants (no, seriously) Prince Charles advocates the use of homeopathy. Good for Charlie, but not when he's trying to get the government to fund it too.
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Prince Charles

@ell, the bat-eared bore, the cornflakes for brains Prince of Piffle is galloping apace once more atop his favorite hobbyhorse.

Charles Philip Arthur George, aka the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Rothesay and first in line to be the head of state of a combined 130 million people around the globe, has again lobbied a British Health Secretary about making the quack-medicine know as “homeopathy” available on the UK’s National Health Service.

The Prat Prince and current British Minister of Health Jeremy Hunt met in July. Although neither the offices of the Royal Palace nor Hunt’s communications office are giving out too many details, they have confirmed that the increased availability of homeopathy on the tax-payers tab was on the agenda.

This is an absolute scandal. Nay - it is two of them.

First and foremost, homeopathy is complete and utter horseshit masquerading as medicine. There is no scientifically serious evidence it has any effect – for good or ill – on a patient. Absolutely none. Nothing. Nada. The British taxpayer should not be paying for this virtual snake oil’s journey from New Age hippy fairs to hospitals and credibility.

This quackery is based around the crazy concept that the more diluted an “active ingredient” is in water, the more the water will “remember” the properties of that ingredient and therefore the more effective medicine it makes. What kind of active ingredient? Well, how about drops of honey bee poison, which have been administered in treatment of everything to snake bites to back pain to “stinging” headaches.  How diluted? Well, many leading homeopaths give their patients a 30c solution, which means one part of active ingredient for every 100 to the power of 30 parts of water… meaning literally not even the equivalent of a single drop in an entire ocean. That dilution is so extreme that not one molecule of the original “active ingredient” is likely to remain or, put another way, you are just as likely to drink a molecule that used to be part of a mud hut or dinosaur’s asshole as you are what is on the label.

There is no “controversy” about homeopathy’s effectiveness any more than there is a serious argument as to whether the Earth is flat. Earlier this year, the British government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Mark Walport dismissed homeopathy as “nonsense”. Over $2billion in research worldwide has yielded not a, heh-heh, drop of evidence homeopathy works any better than random luck and chance. The whole thing has as much application to reality as the incarnations of Harry Potter, and every medical body in the western world has rolled eyes at the clams of the snake-oil merchants that peddle this bollocks.

The whole thing is a shame and fraud, but in yet another betrayal of the Enlightenment, it is gaining traction. Bottle of faux-flavored water are sold in major British high street drug stores like Boots and only four weeks ago the British Advertising Standards Authority – a watchdog agency which limits the amount of bullshit companies can use to fertilize their profits – blasted one manufacturer for literally endangering lives by promoting this guff as genuine medical care.

Prince Charles has been advocating all sorts of pseudo-science and retarded notions for years – most of it hilarious gobbledygook like talking to your plants in an encouraging way to aid photosynthesis – but homeopathy is clearly the favorite cause for the Sultan of Anti-Science. He has bent the ear of at least one previous Minter of Health on this tripe but, in incumbent Jeremy Hunt, Charles has finally found another pseudo-science groupie, and one who controls the purse-strings to the National Health Service (NHS).

And here’s the point we all need to stop laughing.

Began in the 1940s, the NHS is funded by the British taxpayer and offers comprehensive health care - without insurance - for all who need it. While the NHS’s poor cousin Obamacare continues to struggle in the US, many Britons don’t appreciate the treasure they have and will point to over-stretched resources, elongated waiting lists and anorexic budgets as reasons the NHS itself is sick. And they will have made valid points – which is exactly why it is so important every penny of tax-payers money be spent on genuine medicine which really helps the unwell.

How is it even possible for Hunt to consider further funding for this garbage when in February 2010, the British House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology nuked its credibility and recommended “the Government should stop allowing the funding of homeopathy on the NHS… (furthermore) the funding of homeopathic hospitals—hospitals that specialize in the administration of placebos—should not continue, and NHS doctors should not refer patients to homeopaths."

And, almost as scandalous as the agenda for this secret cabal of simpletons is that the meeting took place in the first place.

The Royal Family, it is often said, “reign but do not rule” and are forbidden to even attempt to influence Government policy.

Several British politicians voiced their concerns at this tearing of the UK’s unwritten constitution. Member of Parliament Paul Flynn pointing out the Prince has a constitutional duty to keep his gob shut.

Flynn said: “People are entitled to believe what they want, but having the heir to the throne attempting to influence the spending of precious NHS resources is ludicrous. Prince Charles should not be interfering (in policy); he is in training for his role as monarch and the first lesson is to put a bandage round his mouth and to keep it there at all times."

Yes, that exactly.

Charles’s plants have no choice but to listen to him. The Minister of Health should know better.