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The Morning Banter: Bradley Manning's Decision to Become a Woman, Trolling Russia, an Ectasy-fueled Party on the German Chancellor's Plane + more

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It's Thursday, which means you've got less than 48 hours until Freedom. Waste some of that time with us. Here's some top (and not so top) news stories you might have missed:


After years of gender identity issues, Pfc. Bradley Manning comes out as a woman after sentencing.   No snark here.  I personally hope she gets all the treatment needed to make her transition as smooth as possible.


In a rare occurrence, a convicted murderer has come out in favor of gun control laws, citing thug culture and the easyness of getting his hands on firearms the real motivating factor of being a murderer.  The article is beautifully written and endlessly fascinating if not only for his proposed plans, but also his humbleness about his past.

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Former New Republic staffer and conservative writer James Kirchick went on a Russia Today apparently to talk about hte Bradley Manning verdict, but instead put on a pair of rainbow suspenders and began berating the news anchors about the anti-gay stance of Russia.  It's absolutely brilliant and there should definitely be more activism just like this.


The ribbon for best headline of the week most definitely goes to the DailyMail for this gem: Turkish bodybuilder dressed in his underpants and clutching bag of marijuana and ecstasy held party-for-one onboard Merkel's private jet.  Also, I don't know about y'all but I'm pretty bummed I wasn't there to witness any of it.


Spend the rest of your day (and summer?) hunting for Easter Eggs.  Google loves you.  So do we.  (Though don't tell your boss it was us, mmk?)

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Finally, Georgia Tech student Nick Selby has some words of wisdom for you.  Now let's hope one of them actually makes an Iron Man suit.