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The Morning Banter: Drunken Republican Blames Gay Marriage for DUI, Atheists are More Intelligent + More

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You just can't make this kind of stuff up:


If you think drunkenly captaining a boat called "The Legislator" is bad, Rep. Don Dwyer (R-MD) is about to blow your mind again.  The Maryland Republican was recently pulled over for driving erratically, to which he later failed three sobriety tests.  The real kicker?  He blames marriage equality legislation for his own drunken stupidity. None of you should be surprised when I say he also raffled off two assault rifles as part of his 2014 reelection efforts this past spring.


Hooray! There's now scientific fact that I am smarter than most of our planet (duh)!  A recent medical study shows that people who hold a more naturalistic view of the world are generally smarter than those who believe in god.   Go on, troll on in the comments.  I know you want to!


There's nothing I hate more than people saying they "hustle" so this goes out to all of them (you know who you are).  The Atlantic delves deep into the highs and lows of America's "Culture of Hustling —the surrender of everything to market forces and the sacrifice of life to consumer culture—is an energizing and often enriching enterprise, but it is ultimately empty, depressing, and destructive."  It's a brilliant piece.


And in case you missed it, Prince really does have a sense of humor.