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Where's the Birther Outrage Now?

cruz birth certificate

Senator Ted Cruz

's Canadian birth certificate. How will the birthers react to this?

After what seems to be an eternity of hearing about President Obama's birth certificate and the repeated allegations that he was born in Kenya, I have to wonder why I am only hearing crickets when it comes to Senator Ted Cruz's birthplace.  Unlike Obama, Cruz has admitted that he was not born in the United States.  He was born in Canada and holds dual citizenship.  His office denies that he has the dual citizenship but the Canadian government has been pretty clear about it.  Read more at the Dallas Morning News.

Cruz and his supporters on the right will tell you that he was a US citizen at birth -- not because he was born in the US but because his mother was.  A concession they were not willing to grant Obama, who can boast both an American born mother AND being born in the US, himself.  There are still people out there on the right who are convinced he was born in Kenya.

So, right wing & Tea Party, where's your outrage now?

Listen to Ann Coulter talk about her views on the subject.  She's not convinced Cruz can run for president:

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