The Daily Banter Weekly Wrap Up

This week we covered everything from airplanes to poodles; from The Newsroom to the NSA; from Bloomberg to Glenn Beck; from Oprah to Elysium; and from Cory Booker to David Gregory. It's all right here!
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Here's what we covered at The Daily Banter this week.

Bob Cesca unraveled another misleading NSA story, this time from WaPo; he also ripped the "far-left" for opposing Cory Booker with such ferocity; he uncovered how The Guardian and The Atlantic use intrusive corporate tracking bugs to collect data on their readers; and he debunked another Guardian article.

Alyson Chadwick wrote about the absurdity of the RNC banning NBC and CNN from covering its 2016 debates; and she covered Bloomberg's weird connection between crime and poodles.

Ben Cohen brought us another edition of Glenn Beck Comment Porn; and he reviewed the Summer movie Elysium.

Chez Pazienza discussed more problems at NBC News; he outlined exactly why he thinks Oprah sucks; and he brought us this week's edition of Newsroom Notes.

Oliver Willis wrote about why the government's blocking of the US Airways / American merger is good news.

Have a great weekend!