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The Morning Banter: Russian Journalist Fired For Being Gay, Lady Gaga Asks Fans to Report Song Leaks + More

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Hooray! It's Thursday! Get ready to spend your weekend mastering these incredible life hacks.


Sad but true, a Russian TV Presenter came out on air and was subsequently fired.  This news comes on the heels of many a protest and international outrage at Russia's anti-gay law and its bold enforcement.

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Remember the Waffle Taco? Well have no fear, the chicken and waffle taco is here (if here happens to be Orange County, CA).  I'm not going to say I called it, but I definitely made mention of this to Ben when we ran the original waffle taco story.


Lady Gaga has reached out to her "Little Monsters" to report anyone leaking tracks from her new album.  Good use of social media? Bad? There's something uncomfortable, to me anyway, about a billionaire asking her fans to essentially go big brother on each other just because a song leaked.  The whole thing is going to end up (for free!!) on the internet as soon as the album comes out anyway.


Hundreds (if not, more so) of fish have been reported to be floating dead on the National Mall in the Constitutional Garden.  Let's hope this has nothing to do with the new species the Smithsonian is set to reveal/announce this afternoon, okay?