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The Morning Banter: Google literally changes the definition of "literally", the poorest rich kids in the world + more

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I just can't write this headline any better: Google Literally Changes the Definition of “Literally” to Literally Mean The Opposite of “Literally”


Any Dr. Who fans in the house?  (There has to be)  Well, you're about to love Google so hard.  It's been recently discovered that an ordinary police box on Google Maps is indeed a  TARDIS. Full map view gets you inside the control room, where you can pretend you and your Dr. Who-Of-Choice are off on an exotic adventure.... Nice!


If you're thinking of robbing someone's house, it's probably best that do research what kind of person lives there first. Or so that's the lesson learned by a burglar in Oxford, who attempted to rob the house of a retired boxer.  Ouch.  And they say criminals are smart......

It's hard out there for a rich kid.  Apparently.  But in all seriousness, this is a fascinating read.