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My Advice for Anthony Weiner

I have been thinking about what counsel I would give Anthony Weiner about what would be his best move, politically (Other than stop sending pictures of yourself to women you don't know.  I mean you practically have to be brain damaged to believe them when they say they will delete them.  Did we learn nothing from Monica's blue dress?).

I am torn -- would he be better off if he quit or loses? Winning is no longer a viable option.  Sorry, Mr. Weiner, you will not be the next mayor of New York.  That doesn't mean I think you should disappear from the public scene at all.  I am not sure you get how your actions make your judgement look piss poor so my advice is to fix that issue first.  I don't know why you think you can do these things and have it NOT impact your political chances.  Again, you really thought she was going to delete those photos?

Now, should he quit I think this is how it should go down.  Make this statement.

"I still believe that my ideas, background and passion for the city of New York make me the best candidate to lead it.  We need to create more opportunity for the middle class and people aspiring to enter it.  That's what my campaign was all about. Sadly, my personal life has become a distraction from the important issues that face our city and I have decided to sit this one out.  I told supporters I would never quit them and I won't.  I will continue to work for the city I love so much but now I am going to take some time to spend with my family, reflect on things and decide where I can best serve New Yorkers."

Now should he stay in the race and lose, I would issue this release:

"I got into the race to be mayor it was because I believed New York needs a real fighter as mayor, something I have been my whole career.  New York City is the greatest city on the planet and deserves a mayor willing to go all in.  'Go big or go home' they say. New York deserves nothing less that someone willing to go big.  Fight for the middle class and those striving to become a part of it.  The residents deserve nothing less.  Over the course of the campaign, petty issues about my personal life proved to distract from my message of how we can best lift up the middle class here and our efforts fell short.  Thank you to my family, my campaign staff who worked so hard and to everyone who supported me.  Each and every vote cast for me means a lot.  You are why I did this.  To make your lives better.  And I may be done for today, I am not done.  I will always fight for what I think is best for New Yorkers.  I wish (insert winner's name here) the best and hope to be able to work with them.  For now, I will take some time to reflect, spend time with my family and chart out my next steps to ensure New York City remains the best in the world.  Thank you."

Some have argued to me that by staying in the race, he proves that he is a fighter.  I counter with he doesn't need to prove that to anyone.  Look at his record.  If anyone doubts that Anthony Weiner is a fighter, well they haven't been paying attention to Anthony Weiner.  It's why I was sad to see him leave Congress.

The problem isn't really the sexting itself but the arrogance that it showed -- something proven by other actions. (Dude, did you really think you were being funny when mocking a British journalist?  You weren't.  You just looked rude and callous and made all New Yorkers look like the jerks the world thinks we are.)

It's time for this to stop.

PS.  If you are wondering why my advice would be good, I have worked on four presidential campaigns, last year's Democratic Convention, for both sides of Capitol Hill, the United Nations and multiple statewide races.  I have a little experience in this area. Oh, I volunteered on my first campaign when I was eight.

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