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The Morning Banter: The Best Missed Connection Ever, Never Eat Again, The High Cost of Health Care + More

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Good Morning, Banter! Did you have a nice Wednesday?  Statistically speaking, you probably got a bit drunk last night.  Let's hope that was enough to power you through the rest of the week.


In a bold reminder that life is short and you should take that first chance when you get it, the best missed connection ever has been posted to Craiglist in Brooklyn. While a little cliche, it's totally worth a good read if only to kick yourself in the pants.  (Here, I'll even go first:  Hey Boy with an excellently coiffed mane at Black Whiskey show last night, denim jacket, black jeans... let's make out, mmk?)


This Guy might be on track to solve the world's hunger problem, but many are up in arms about the eat disorder implications and "natural vs. unnatural" food argument that come as a result. Rob Rhinehart, a twenty-something engineer developed Soylent, as a nutritious "food replacement" smoothie.  Which has me asking the question -- would you give up a good old cheeseburger to become part of this food revolution?


NPR laid it all on the line in a thoughtful piece on why the cost of American health care is so astronomically high.  Take for example a gentlemen who was going to get his hip replaced.  In America that would cost over $100,000 but in Belgium, the whole procedure (including two weeks of rehab, all associated fees, etc.) and a plane ticket cost just shy of $14,000.  Mindblowing.

Stephen Fry

Actor and all around amazing comedian Stephen Fry is calling for a boycott of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics thanks to Putin's insane policies against the Russian Gay community.  Despite anti-gay laws being repealed in the 90's, the crackdown on gay rights is growing as part a surge of nationalistic and anti-Western fervor.  Fry goes on to say Putin "is making scapegoats of gay people, just as Hitler did Jews".  Heavy stuff.


And finally, in what could be a plot from a movie (is it already?) a robot, created and crafted to fall in love, is now so obsessed with love its posing a threat to anyone that comes near it.  The robot has even gone so far as to assault an intern!  The mad scientist brain behind this experiment has admitted that the robot will have to be decommisioned but went on to say that "this is only a minor setback. I have full faith that we will one day live side by side with, and eventually love and be loved by, robots."  Creepy.