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The Daily Banter Weekly Wrap Up!

This week it was everything from Bradley Manning to the Royal Baby; Hell on Earth to Anthony Weiner; Hillary Clinton to Kimye; A Red-Headed Reporter to the NSA; Drone Strikes to SNL Crackup Reels. What more can we do for ya'?

Here's what we covered at The Daily Banter this week.

Ben Cohen brought us another edition of Glenn Beck Comment Porn; he also outlined how Bradley Manning is both a criminal and a hero; and he described the economic situation for some low income earners as hell on Earth.

Oliver Willis warned everyone to settle down about Hillary and 2016; and he covered Republican denial of reality.

Alyson Chadwick asked Anthony Weiner to please go away.

Chez Pazienza wondered if Al Jazeera America would turn out to be just another cable news network; he ripped apart the imploding Anthony Weiner campaign; he reviewed the confessions of a red-headed reporter.

Kojo Koram demanded that liberals choose a side on drones.

Bob Cesca detailed how another NSA claim turned out to be false; he reviewed the Bradley Manning verdict and debunked the so-called "war on whistleblowers"; he examined a shocking new poll about NSA surveillance.

Jessica Furst compiled the Top 10 Reasons the Royal Baby is Better than Kimye’s Baby.

Have a great weekend!