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The Morning Banter: Woman Says Hiring Hitman 'Easier Than Divorce', The Best Advice Ever & Tony Blair Still Not Done with Middle East!

Here's what you should be talking about today: A 21 year old woman says hiring hitman 'easier than divorce', the best advice ever, Tony Blair still not done interfering with the Middle East and Elisabeth Hasselbeck moves to Fox!!!
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Happy Wednesday Banter readers! Here's what you should be talking about today:

1.God Save Us All: Tony Blair Wants to Help Bring Democracy to Egypt


Apparently, Tony Blair has forgotten what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, and wants the West to get more involved with the crisis in Egypt. He wrote in theGuardianover the weekend:

We are in a long haul transition in the Middle East. It is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. We feel it should be someone else's job to help sort it out. But it is our job. This struggle matters to us. The good news is that there are millions of modern and open-minded people out there. They need to know we are on their side, their allies, prepared to pay the price to be there with them.

It should be noted that when Blair is talking about paying the price to be there with them, he isn't talking about himself. He's busy playing the stock market and accumulating a small fortune through his 'consultancy' work with giant banks.

2. Woman Decides Hiring Hit Man to Kill Husband "Easier Than Divorce"

Watch these two undercover videos if you can of Julia Merfeld, 21, of Muskegon Michigan, meeting with a fake hitman (in reality a detective) to discuss killing her husband because it would be "easier than getting a divorce". Merfeld was arrested after the second meeting, plead guilty and is awaiting sentencing on the 30th of July. Amazingly, her husband does not want her to go to jail and has asked the judge for leniency.

If she gets out early, a message to all men in Michigan: do not marry Julia Merfeld:

3. The Best Advice Ever

Sophie Martin at Thought Catalog has one of the best lists of brutal life truths I've read. My top 3:

1. A lot of times, when someone starts giving you more attention or respect in life when they used to treat you like shit, it’s not because they’ve evolved as a person. It’s because you’ve gotten better-looking or more financially successful.

2. Having rich, well-connected parents basically cancel out every other qualifier of talent or hard work or potential. They are the trump card of life.

3. You are going to see a lot of people who peaked in high school, and your natural instinct is going to be to feel pity or superiority towards them, and you shouldn’t even try to fight it. If someone was an asshole in high school, and now their life sucks, it’s only human to feel extremely pleased with life.

4. Bill Maher Slams Edward Snowden on facebook

Whether or not Edward Snowden did the right thing by leaking NSA documents, he didn't exactly bolster his case by applying for asylum in countries with far worse civil liberties records than America. Said Bill Maher on his FB page:

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 12.32.18 AM

5. Surprise Surprise, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Moves to Fox News!


A real industry shocker! No one in a million years would have ever guessed that Fox News was in the business of hiring pretty blonds (to add to the debate of course....)