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The Morning Banter: Weiner's Weiner is back on the loose, Your Car Is About To Be Hacked, (Famous) White Girls Can Be Abusive Too and More

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In what should be an absolute no-brainer, but still has the tendency to shock people (but maybe that's just my opinion because I, too, am an abusive redhead), The Gloss waxed poetic on how Emma Roberts’ Arrest Reminds Everyone That Pretty, Rich White Girls Can Be Abusive, Too.  Listen, I'm all for a little rough-and-tumble when in good fun (see above) but battery, when perpetrated by a man or woman, white or black or whatever... is wrong. Plan and simple.  Consider this a warning for all of you trying to interact with me before I've had my morning coffee.


As Chez (along with many others) have pointed out, Anthony Wiener, NYC Mayoral Candidate and former shammed Congressman, has once AGAIN been caught for for texting dick pics over the interwebs.  Everyone and their Mother has come out and stated something publicly about the issue, including Lena Dunham, who surprisingly said something poignant: "In Weiner's latest text exchange the girl in question says "I can't believe someone like you would pay attention to someone like me..." She goes on to tweet "...It's literally a dream come true." This cuts to the heart of the abuse of power that is the substance of so many sex scandals. Finally following up with a sharp thesis: "The problem isn't adultery, or perversity. It's wielding your position of authority to subjugate the women who dream of a piece of the pie."   The kicker? The guy is still carrying on with his campaign.  And while as a born and raised New Yorker, I'm not exactly pro-Spitzer, but fuck if I can vote for a guy who abuses his power toward women on a routine basis.


In a case of "technology is out to kill us all" some real life computer Hackers demonstrated for Forbes Magazine that car-hijacking via computer is totally real and totally fucking frightening.  They can disable your breaks, screw with your fuel tank, mess with your speedometer and more. And while this may add some fuel to the Michael-Hastings-Was-Assassinated fire, I'm curious to know how this is going to effect the insurance industry.  And. You know.  Our lives.  Thank God I don't know how to drive a car, is all I'm saying.

South Korea's Mini (L) and Canada's Jenn

I've got absolutely nothing mean or rude to say about this great piece Buzzfeed did: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Transgender People But Were Afraid To Ask.  Definite must-read for everyone, no matter how socially tolerant you think you are.


Finally in a move in the right direction, doctors in New York City are giving out "fruit prescriptions" to patients in need of a little dose of Vitamin, well, everything.  The Doctors are passing out $2 coupons that can be used at any of the 142 farmers markets across the city to a small group of test patients. With the goal of curbing obesity, if these vouchers start slimming down the public, the pilot program could expand to other low-income neighborhoods.  Pretty awesome idea, if you ask me.