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The Morning Banter: Thank God for Questlove's Afro, McDonalds is the Devil (duh), and more on that controversial Rolling Stone cover

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One day closer to the weekend!  Here's all the best news stories to have hit the internet in the last twenty-four hours (or so):


Questlove, known as the jovial, afro-haired drummer for the epically awesome band The Roots, has taken to Facebook to express his own experiences of living while being black in light of the recent verdict in the Zimmerman trial.  No snark on this one, but I do want to point out the most poignant line in my opinion:  "Like, five to seven times a year, a night ending in the words "Thank God for that Afro or we'd never have recognized you" happens to me."  I mean, this is QUESTLOVE.  This is no better than hearing about LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow/Star Trek explaining the ritual in which he undergoes so as not to be arrested.  Horrifying.  Really.  Just horrifying.


Leave it to McDonald's to question how its workers can't survive on its piss-poor income strategy.  Teaming up with Visa (yes, you read that correctly), the fast food chain conglomerate has launched a website and essentially a full-out marketing campaign to "aid" its employees on the art of getting by, only with the presumptions that they don't need heat or air conditioning (in this DC summer?!).  They also presume their workers have a second income (from what, prostitution?) as opposed to doing the decent thing and take this as a sign that their business model is super fucked.  But we live in a world where big business can bully around the little guy (even in our own DC backyard) so why not make the little guy work himself to death? He's totally replaceable anyway.

Rolling Stone Boston Marathon Bombing

On the heels of yesterday's story about Rolling Stone putting a known terrorist on the cover of their August 3rd issue, the New Yorker has hit the nail on the head with a thoughtful essay on just why people have been vocally opposed to the cover since it's unveiling on Tuesday.  The articles goes on to articulate public outrage better than most: "This may be the most inconvenient fact about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: that he has survived to face trial, and so to keep facing the rest of us who live in Boston, and in the rest of the country. " Totally nailed it.