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The Morning Banter: Paula Deen's Cook Speaks Out; The Bees! The Bees!; Congress doesn't give a F**k; and More

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To add fuel to the fire of Paula Deen's racism, her personal cook (and "soul sister") speaks out about their complex relationship, riddled with insensitivity and inequality.  I've got to admit, I wasn't truly surprised by Deen's actions or remarks because, as the article says, the topic of "race is at the heart of Southern food and you can’t avoid it.”


We've all seen The Lion King and understand the very basic concept of "the circle of life" -- how every animal and plant is somehow connected in the grand scheme of existence.  That's why it's incredibly troubling that massive hoards of bees have been biting the bullet mysteriously, a phenomenon so frequent it now has it's own name -- Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).  So what happens if all those pesky stingers die? Well, for starters millions and millions of dollars in crops won't be pollinated, resulting in food shortages and famines all across the world (including the United States).  Scientists are furiously working hard to find the cause and even a cure for CCD, but it's much harder than you think.  If this isn't a HUGE red flag for the massive use of toxic pesticides (aside from, you know, them being on our food/giving us cancer/etc.), I certainly don't know what is.


The next time your drunk friend gives you shit for not "raging" with them until 6AM because you're too entranced by the latest book in the Game of Thones series, refer them to this:  Being a Lifelong Bookworm Keeps You Smart In Your Old Age.  You could also make a case for the number of brain cells you saved too, just sayin'.


And in another move to push our country into an Orwellian society, Congress defeated legislation that would have blocked the NSA from collecting vast amounts of data from citizens.  This obviously would have been an excellent victory for the Obama administration in light of the whole Snowden security breach that occured last month.  So let's all invest in duct tape and aluminum foil and be done with it.  The government is not on your side.


Finally, in a hat-tip to my dream profession of art thief (the excitement! the adventure! the intrigue! Naturally it's got to be just like that USA television show White Collar with hunky good/bad guys and excellently tailored clothing!), here's a handy (and interesting) how-to on how to catch a thief .  Feel free to listen to this song while you read on.