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The Morning Banter: Friedman Sucks, Hillary Rules, and Cobain Lives

Here's what you should be reading instead of bothering with that whole getting-back-to-work thing...
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Here's what you should be reading instead of bothering with that whole getting-back-to-work thing:

1. Tom Galt

Like everyone else, we here at the Banter love piling on the mockery when it comes to Tom Friedman. He's really such an easy target. But R.J. Eskow actually skipped the joking around and has penned one of the most blistering and satisfying pieces ripping Friedman to shreds that I've seen in quite a while. And that includes Matt Taibbi's "Tom Friedman Porn" contest.

Campaign for America's Future: A New Ayn Rand for a Dark Digital Future/7.24.13

2. The Hillary Show

If you had to pick an actress to play Hillary Clinton, who would it be? Well, NBC is apparently going to be producing a Hillary miniseries and its choice is one of those lifetime crushes of mine. This has the potential to short circuit that nerve line between my brain and my penis.

Vulture: NBC Is Developing a Hillary Clinton Miniseries/7.27.13

3. Dick

A little cross-promotion never hurt anyone, hence why I'm going to link to my own site this morning to bring you possible the biggest asshole quote yet from a man who's been just full of asshole things to say over the past few years: Anthony Weiner.

Deus Ex Malcontent: Quote of the Day: 7.28.13

4. Smells Like Teen Stupid

What's sure to be my favorite thing of the week comes courtesy of a Virginia Tech student who is apparently unaware that Nirvana broke up, that Kurt Cobain is dead, and that he was, in fact, a man.

The Huffington Post: Virginia Tech Student Asks Nirvana To Record A Video, Seems Unaware Kurt Cobain Is Dead ... Or A Man/7.25.13

5. Let's Dance

Finally, Here's your productivity killer for today. This will seriously keep you busy for hours. In fact, I suggest putting this link up on every available computer in your office and cranking the sound to 11.

GIF Dance Party

Happy Monday, kids, and sorry about the brevity this morning but it's my daughter's 5th birthday today and the last thing I want to do is spend it chained to my laptop.