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Stunning Video That Proves We All Discriminate Against Young Black Men

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When you watch this video of an ABC social experiment conducted a couple of years ago, any pretense that America is not a racist society should evaporate pretty quickly. Three paid actors pretend to try and steal a bike out in a park in broad daylight -  first, a white teenager, then, a black one, and finally, a young blond woman. The results are nothing short of shocking - so much so that one youtube commenter wrote "We are a seriously fucked up species! Beam me up scotty! Take me to the furthest breathable planet."

I'm not going to ruin it if you haven't seen it, but it's a pretty stunning indictment of where America is when it comes to attitudes towards race. After watching this, think back to the Trayvon Martin case and ask yourself whether he was treated fairly by George Zimmerman and the justice system: