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"If You Are Allergic to Black People, Don't Come in"

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The sign on the Yeanon Café door, Bank Street, West Yorkshire,

A black British woman from Yorkshire whose business was struggling  due to racism decided to do something about it, posting a sign on her cafe door telling customers who were “allergic” to black people not to come in. From the Independent

Martha-Renee Kolleh, who lives in the Wakefield town of Ossett, alleges her business was suffering because residents would enter the Yeanon Café on Bank Street, West Yorkshire, and promptly leave because they had been greeted by a black woman.

The town has an extremely low percentage of people living there from black and ethnic minority groups. Figures for ethnicity from the 2011 census showed that Ossett’s community is 97.5 per cent white.

Ms Kolleh said that last week she decided she had “had enough” of losing custom and chose to communicate her frustrations more directly. “I was so cross that people kept walking into the café and then walking out so I made the sign”, she explained. “I wanted to vent my frustration and have people take notice."

According to Kolleh, business improved after she hired a white woman to serve customers, but then collapsed when she came back. "Some people find the sign amusing and they say ‘oh yes it's about time you put that up’," says Kolleh. "So I think they all realise what's going on here."