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Did Cops Unfairly Shoot this Dog?

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RT's description of the shocking video (shown below):

Police arrested Leon Rosby, 52, near the scene of a SWAT barricade in Hawthorne, California. Officers were responding to an armed robbery, and claimed Rosby was disturbing the crime scene by playing loud music and videotaping the showdown with his cell phone. After officers arrested the suspected robber, they motioned to Rosby and told him to put the dog in his car. He complied, leaving his Rottweiler in the backseat with the windows open. As the man was being handcuffed, the dog started barking loudly and jumped out of the window. While barking, the dog approached the police, and video footage shows the 130-pound animal lunging at one officer. One police officer took out his gun and fired four shots at the dog, fatally wounding the animal.

I'm not sure where I stand on this - I'm not a cop so have no idea what it's like being in the line of fire, but then shooting a dog for trying to protect its owner seems pretty harsh. The owner had willingly given himself up, was unarmed, and could have been allowed to calm his dog down. Also, I'm not exactly sure what the owner was arrested for. I wasn't aware that video taping the police and speaking to them was an arrestable offense. I don't think it's appropriate to denounce the cops as racists, but would this have happened in Beverly Hills? Unlikely.