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The Daily Banter Weekly Wrap Up!

This week we covered everything from Anthony Weiner to Medicaid; from Tsarnaev to Ted Nugent; from Zimmerman to Nate Silver; from horror movies to NSA surveillance. It's all right here!

Here's what we covered at The Daily Banter this week.


Ben Cohen delivered more Glenn Beck comment porn; and he compiled six jobs perfectly suited for Anthony Weiner.

Oliver Willis covered a new Medicare/Medicaid proposal and its damaging consequences; and he wrote about Nate Silver's departure from the New York Times.

Alyson Chadwick wrote about the least honest city in America; and she discussed the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial.

Chez Pazienza warned people about becoming a Zimmerman hero truther; he evaluated the latest Anthony Weiner scandal; and he reviewed The Conjuring.

Kojo Koram defended Rolling Stone's Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cover story;

Bob Cesca wrote about Ted Nugent & Rand Paul declaring their obvious support for civil rights; he covered Snowden's bizarre choice for a lawyer; he announced the merger of the Greenwald Left and Alex Jones Right;

Have a great weekend!