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Note to the Tech Industry: Stop Making the Same F**king Product Over and Over Again

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Above is a screen shot of the images that pop up in Google when you search for 'Tablet'. There's the iPad, the iPad mini, Amazon Kindle, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia Tablet, Toshiba Excite, Microsoft Surface, Razer Edge Pro, Motorola Xoom, Motorola Droid, the Window Pad,and on, and on....

Do the same for smart phone, and the following pops up:

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 10.08.17 AM

Today, you can buy a Samsung Galaxy, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, an HTC, an iPhone 4, and iPhone 5, a Motorola Droid, an LG Optimus G Pro, a Blackberry, a Nokia Lumia, a Google Nexus 4 etc etc etc.

What do all the tablets and smartphones have in common?

THEY ALL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME, AND DO THE SAME F**KING THING. They run email, have maps, play your music and allow you to play Angry Birds.  Until Apple/Google/Samsung etc come up with something that looks like this:

iPhone on the palm, a total weight loss program

They all need to stop coming out with the latest 'iPhone/iPad Killer'. You can't come out with exactly the same thing over and over again, and pretend it's a new revolutionary product that will change the way you use your phone. Here was a recent CNNMoney headline:

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 3.41.01 PM

So, the HTC looks like an iPhone, does exactly what and iPhone does, costs the same as an get the picture.