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The Daily Banter Mail Bag! Greenwald Flacking for Snowden, Wendy Davis vs Rick Perry, and the Future of Humanity!

In this week's edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Ben, Bob, Chez and Jessica discuss Greenwald flacking for Snowden, a fight between Wendy Davis and Rick Perry and the future of humanity!

In this week's edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Ben, Bob, Chez and Jessica discuss Greenwald flacking for Snowden, a fight between Wendy Davis and Rick Perry and the future of humanity!

The questions:

1. I know at least two of you are aware of the Twitter fight Glenn Greenwald got in with Adam Serwer's dad last weekend. How can GG possible defend himself anymore? How can he keep a straight face and say that he is anything more than Edward Snowden's agent at this point?

Ben: Yeah, I saw the fight. Greenwald didn't exactly cover himself in glory. I'm having a real hard time with the NSA story because I think it's an important one that merits a lot of attention. Some of us at Banter have come down pretty hard on Snowden/Greenwald (for good reason), but I don't think that it should detract from the very alarming issue regarding the  growing surveillance state. Greenwald has basically made the story about himslef and Snowden - the exact opposite of what should have happened if they wanted it to be taken seriously. Greenwald has staked his position (that anything Snowden says is true), and therefore discredited himself as a journalist because he won't accept any evidence that undermines Snowden's narrative.

Bob: What's worse is that it appears Greenwald is selectively editing Snowden's interviews and withholding the release of "top secret documents" named in his latest bombshell. They're being deliberately shifty and coy, and yet tens of thousands of people are lining up to deify them.

Chez: I assume you're referring to me and Ben since Bob spent an entire afternoon tweeting about it and I wrote about it. I guess the easy answer is that Glenn Greenwald can keep a straight face through anything because he's nothing but one big straight face. He's incapable of things like humor or basic human emotion. Couple that with the fact that he's an utterly shameless hack whose ego is the size of Jupiter and, well, there you have it.

Jessica: Greenwald is trying to earn his 10%. Journalism is not a well paid occupation and how else will he afford haircuts and ice cream?

2. Who would win in a fist fight between Rick Perry and Wendy Davis?
-- Celia

Chez: Davis. I guarantee she doesn't usually wear those sneakers and if you've never been stabbed with a high-heel by a woman you've wronged, you have no idea how quickly that can drop you. Not that I would know or anything.

Bob: Davis, because I imagine Rick Perry fights like Curly Howard from the Three Stooges. Lots of weird hooting and spastic posturing.

Jessica: Celia, I like that you have specified what type of fight because my first thought was, well, it's the one who could shoot the quickest. But when it comes to fists, you pose an interesting question. Would Rick hit a woman? Does Wendy have a decent right hook? Are they in a boxing ring or just standing in an empty car park after school at the pre-arranged meeting point surrounded by their mates? Frankly, there is not enough information but as a girl and putting politics aside, I would obviously like Wendy to win with a swift kick to the balls for no other reason that it's funny seeing any man crumble in agony and writhe around on the floor.

Ben: Rick Perry in a real fight? That's a joke. Davis hands down.

3. Is there any hope for us?
-- Liz

Bob: Totally. Sometimes you have to search but there are people of good will out there.

Chez: Of course not.

Ben: Sometimes I think yes. But when you take time to analyze what is going in the world, the answer has to be no. We're completely fucked, and I genuinely mean that. We're living under an economic system that assumes resources are infinite and that we can grow indefinitely. They are not, and we can't, so we're going to run out of shit pretty damn soon. Then there's going to be a massive war and lots of people are going to die. Will enough of us survive to carry on the species? It's impossible to say for sure, but the odds aren't good given our capacity to destroy things.

Jessica: I agree with Chez and Ben. Mainly because I didn't win the lottery.