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Michael Hastings and 9-11 Conspiracy Nuts Now Converging

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Building 7!! Conspiracy!!!

My post on former CNN journalist Amber Lyon's descent into conspiracy theory madness prompted a heated debate in the comments section. My piece attacked Lyon for her assertion that Michael Hastings death was part of a government conspiracy without providing single a shred of evidence.

Apparently, I'm the gullible one for believing the 'official' story that Hastings' death was a tragic accident, not a plot by the FBI to eradicate famous journalists revealing embarrassing information about the government.

Check the following back and forth I had with someone called Matt Sapero, who it turns out, thinks Bush caused 9/11 and doesn't believe the US landed on the moon either:


Matt Sapero


2 hours ago

Gee Ben, let us know when the Easter Bunny & the Tooth Fairy get back from their midnight ride with Santa Clause, because you have got to be the most gullible moron to come along, pretty much ever.

  • Benthedailybanter Mod  Matt Sapero • an hour ago


    Wait, I'm gullible because I want to see some actual evidence before jumping to a conclusion? Are you serious? The problem with conspiracy theorists like yourself is that when there is a REAL conspiracy, powerful people get away with it because idiots like you are jumping up and down about fake moon landings and 'building fucking 7'. Bush and his buddies invaded two countries illegally after 9/11 and the idiot left thought it more important to talk about voice morphing technology and Rudy Guiliani's desire to destroy his home city than the illegal wars going on in the Middle East.

    • Matt Sapero Benthedailybanter • 40 minutes ago

      Really, Ben? Bush and his entire war mongering family stretching back at least 4 generations have a huge amount of blood on their hands and are guilty of War Crimes in my opinion, so don't try to play it like this is part of some fake right/left political paradigm.

      Only an idiot would believe the lies about "building fucking 7". I worked in the building directly north of WTC building 7 at the time, and there is virtually no possibility that such a massive solid edifice came down the way it did without intervention. Look into what was housed in that building, who benefitted from its destruction, and the video of Silverstein saying "pull it".

      I won't touch your moon landing teaser other than to tell you to look into Stanley kubrick's work from the same year to create the "2001: A Space Odyssey" using rocky surfaces and flat backgrounds and you can come to your own conclusions.

      • Benthedailybanter Mod  Matt Sapero • 4 minutes agoMatt Sapero Matt Sapero • 35 minutes ago


        Ah, so I was right in pegging you as a 9/11/moon landing conspiracy idiot. Because you 'worked in the building directly north of WTC building 7' you are now an expert in structural engineering? Seriously, are you guys still peddling this horse shit? And the moon landing stuff? You've just discredited yourself completely my friend.


        Now, why don't you try some real journalism and interview Hastings' widow. Contact Mercedes and find out how often one of their engines is blown completely free of a new vehicle and flies 150 feet straight down the road even though the vehicle in question is turned 90 degrees to the left before the collision?! How's that burned up body yielding no DNA working for you? What 100mph collision results in such little damage to the front end, yet quickly ignites such a massive blaze? These should be relatively easy for you to look into, hmmmmm?

        • Benthedailybanter Mod  Matt Sapero • a few seconds agoMatt Sapero Benthedailybanter • 5 minutes ago


          So you're now a forensics expert as well? I'm amazed you have time to comment on sites like this - surely your extraordinary expertise could be utilized for far more important things.


          Ok dipshit, so I guess you've done a complete and total analysis of the moon landings. Please provide a bibliography of your work in this department (yeah right).. I'm sure you believe everything the government tells you, right? (See recent statements by General Alexander) you probably believe all ufos are hoaxes but that all the moon landing footage was legit, right? Thought so. I'm sure it had nothing to do with one-upping the Soviets on tv.

          As for Building 7, it wasn't hit by a plane, and was in near perfect condition before abracadabra, just like WTC 1 & 2 it falls in it's own footprint in seconds. Gee, how perfect! Do some actual research and quit spouting your BS (belief system). Your ignorance is showing.