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They're Still on the Wrong Side of History

I thought the Republicans supported personal responsibility.  Wasn't that the deal with the Republican Party?  They thought personal responsibility is a good thing.  Their reactions to the Supreme Court decisions on same sex marriage and to the Senate's immigration bill make me wonder what their position on this is.  When they finally reacted to the Supreme Court, their responses were pretty wacky, too.  Mike Huckabee tweeted that "Jesus wept."  Yeah, I am sure.  Louie Gohmert said the rulings mean polygamy laws no longer make sense.  Michele Bachmann, whose opposition may be more personal (have you seen her husband, Marcus?) said it was an "attack on our constitution."  Check out Gohmert talk about how gay marriages will lead to our society's demise.

As if.  Marriage is a great stabilizing force.  It is a bedrock of our culture and encourages responsibility.  By allowing people to marry people who they love and who love them back won't invalidate straight couples' marriages, any more  than allowing interracial couples to marry impacts anyone else.   It wasn't all that long ago that they were illegal.  Just a few years ago I heard about a judge who wouldn't officiate such a marriage because it violated what he thought was God's law.

And then you have the immigration bill that passed the Senate this week.  Fourteen Republicans voted for the measure, which provides more money for securing the border and a reasonable path to citizenship for the millions of people who are here already.  Many people in DC think this is either dead on arrival in the House of Representatives (or see it as a good test to see what John Boehner's career plans are -- does he want to retire or continue to be Speaker?).  That's unfortunate because the Senate's "gang of eight" may have crafted a workable bill that should at least get a chance to be debated.  Boehner has said he will abide by the "Hastert rule" and won't bring anything to the floor that doesn't have at least a majority of GOP support.  It's also a sad day for everyone when we allow our least functional wing of our government get away with such crap.

There are approximately 11 million people here illegally.  They are here illegally because they got her too late to just kick around the native Americans who were here before this was the United States.  I know people who somehow think their arrival to this land was sanctioned by God but anyone who got her later didn't get the memo and should be arrested and/or deported.

Reasons to support the Senate's immigration reform bill:

  1. It will save the country $875 million over two decades. This isn't my personal view, it is the official word from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

  2. It will generate revenue through taxes.  If there are 11 million people who are working here now but doing so "under the table," they aren't paying income taxes but would start if they were able to do so.

  3. Our current system is broken.  That's not a talking point, it is the truth.  Doing nothing may be the easiest thing for Congress to do but we should expect (and demand) better.

  4. Immigrants make this a better place.

  5. It decriminalizes wanting a better life.

Some on the right did pack the bill full of money for border control agents and a larger fence but also provides a way for the immigrants who are here to improve their situation be coming legal citizens.  That is the prickly part.  House Republicans, whose districts have become more polarized don't seen willing to pass any bill with that part, though a few have started working on compromise language that will achieve the same goal but without using words that they find objectionable.  Some on the right see this has a must do bill.  Senator John McCain was asked byTalking Points Memo if the GOP can win in 2016 if this fails and his answer was "No."  His party may want to think about that as they debate any immigration measures.  He might want to suggest they change their minds about marriage equality, too.  So far they are 0 for 2 on both of these issues and that plants them on the wrong side of history.

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