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Man of Steel Nelson Mandela Appears to be Stabilizing


Nelson Mandela: Still fighting

The world has been on tenterhooks for the past few weeks, waiting for the inevitable news of Nelson Mandela's passing. At 95 years of age with a serious and recurring lung infection, prospects for his survival do not look good.

Or so we thought.

Reports the Guardian:

Nelson Mandela's condition has improved and he "remains critical but is now stable", South African officials said on Thursday.

President Jacob Zuma visited Mandela in hospital in Pretoria afterabandoning a planned trip to a summit in Mozambique. Mandela's medical team advised him of a slight improvement in the former president's health.

"I cancelled my visit to Mozambique today so that I can see him and confer with the doctors," Zuma said. "He is much better today than he was when I saw him last night. The medical team continues to do a sterling job. We must pray for Tata's health and wish him well. We must also continue with our work and daily activities while Madiba remains hospitalised."

The presidency added that it was disturbed by rumours being spread about Mandela's health and appealed for his privacy to be respected.

Given a lifetime of sacrifice, unimaginable humiliation, pain and suffering didn't kill him, it is no wonder Madiba continues to defy the odds and battle through adversity.

Image by  Festival Karsh Ottawa