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AP: Texas Lieutenant Governor Reverses Himself, Declares SB5 Was Passed Too Late!

Late word indicates that Texas Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst has reversed himself and declared the vote on SB5 too late to pass!

UPDATE via the AP Twitter feed:

Texas lt. gov. reverses himself, declares vote on tough abortion bill came too late to pass.

Following a nearly 13-hour filibuster by Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Forth Worth), Republicans held a vote on a sweeping anti-abortion bill after the midnight deadline, and to the jeers of the gallery. From Yahoo News:.

Texas' lieutenant governor late Tuesday suspended a senator's filibuster against wide-ranging abortion restrictions, but Democrats moved quickly to appeal the decision and set off a parliamentary fight over the rules.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst halted the filibuster after determining Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis had strayed off the topic when she talked about a sonogram bill passed in 2011 and how the new abortion restrictions only compounded the anti-abortion laws in Texas.

Democrats immediately appealed the decision and set off a heated debate over rules. Austin Democratic Sen. Kirk Watson appeared to be positioning himself to launch a new filibuster on Dewhurst's decision.

Wearing pink tennis shoes to prepare for nearly 13 consecutive hours of standing, Davis began the day with a one-woman filibuster to block a GOP-led effort to impose stringent new abortion restrictions across the nation's second-most populous state.