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It Should be Harder to Get a Gun than ...

A kitten yes, but how about an abortion?  It has been six months since the Newtown shooting and while we are no where near passing any gun safety bills, the US House of Representatives is poised to take up the "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act," which would ban the procedure after the 20th week of pregnancy.  After the sponsor of the bill, Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) got into some trouble for saying instances of pregnancy from rape are "rare," exceptions for rape and incest were added -- provided the rape or incest is reported to police before the abortion.  Keep in mind more than 54 percent of rapes go unreported in the United States so this will be a problem for many women, or it would be if it had a chance in hell of becoming law, which it doesn't.


Currently, more states have waiting periods for abortions than for gun purchases.  While  most gun enthusiasts are quick to point to the Second Amendment, few who want to ban abortion acknowledge it is a constitutionally protected procedure.  According to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence 2008 poll, 65 percent of Americans (and 64 percent of American gun owners) support a waiting period for gun purchases.  Meanwhile a Gallup poll from January 2013 showed that 53 percent of Americans support the Roe v. Waderuling.  Add to that the data that show wide support for increased background checks for gun purchases and stricter gun control measures in general (read this) the House's actions on abortion before gun safety make even less sense.

It's time for Congress to get some real work done and stop this nonsense.  Bills like this show that their agenda has nothing to do with what's best for the country.