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Thank Goodness! Sarah Palin Returns to Save Christmas!

Well, I know I am relieved.  Just when I was starting to worry about Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was elected three times by New Yorkers, was getting out of control, Sarah Palin, who has never been elected by New Yorkers, has come to the rescue. After quitting her job as governor and leaving her FOX News gig, the network is welcoming her back as a contributor -- and just in the nick of time!

Sarah Palin gave this speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition.  Among other sage advice, she said:

  • On Syria, "Let Allah sort it out."

  • On New York, "Do New Yorkers feel like you’re just a bunch of little babies, with thank goodness you got this nanny over you telling you what to do everyday, heaven forbid otherwise you couldn’t get through your day?"

  • On the Senate, "It needs to on (Ted) Cruz control."

Oh, the mama grizzly is back and wants another shot at influencing public policy.  And she's starting off with a serious topic, the "war on Christmas."  She's writing a book on the subject and how we can "get Christ back in Christmas."  Well, that's a relief!  Maybe she'll take some of her own advice and this will keep her away from real issues.  Probably not.

Here's some more of that from Politico.

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