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Chris Christie Is a Jerk

Governor Chris "my main goal is to reduce government spending" Christie's decision to hold a special election to fill Senator Frank Lautenberg's seat is clearly a political one.  I have talked to some people who looked at this act as an altruistic one, it is not.

Christie called for a special election in October because doesn't want to be on the same ballot as Mayor Cory Booker.  The election he has set is about a month before the normal election and will cost New Jersey voters, who don't have the representation the teachers' unions that Christie fought, to back them up a whopping $24 million.  Christie says he is concerned about leaving residents of his state without elected representation in the Senate (has he met a DC resident?  I don't have a voting member of the Senate and watching the current Senate, a few weeks won't see a lot of action there).

So, Mr. Christie, you don't want to be "pennywise and pound foolish?"  Fair enough but here's what you can do with the money you are wasting on this charade:

Restore funding for medical coverage to the elderly:  Governor Christie cut this by $21 million. (Check out for that.)

Increase funding for Superstorm Sandy:  There are a few areas where this could help the storm's victims:

  1. Food assistance to Sandy's victims:  Four months of food bank and soup kitchen assistance could be funded. (More infohere.)

  2. Fund ALL of the non-profit funding allocated to help Sandy victims -- this would cost $11 million.

  3. Pay to restore half of the Jersey Shore boardwalks: The restoration of five towns devastated by the storm will cost $50 million.  Given the amount of tax dollars they add to the state's coffers, it is an investment worth making.

  4. Restore funding for first responders: New Jersey can be a dangerous place, have any of you been to Camden?  Or Newark?

And there's more here.

There's a part of me that thinks Chris Christie should not be hold to account for this hypocracy because it is part of the game.  I usually watch the moves played and errors scored and judge them by some system - I watch politics like we might watch chess or something.  It's a failure on my part.  I often lose track of the forest for the treess.

Chris Christie has created a very sympathtic persona for himelf.  When he loses weight and stuggles, we all want to be on his side.  It makes us forget the impact his policies have on real people.  I am just as equally responsible because I want to like him. His actions show his intentions as well know they are. I don't know whom I blame more, him or the game?  But I don't care all  that much.  He is being a jerk and should be called as such.

Chris Christie may be a guy I would like to go to a game with but he should not be governor.