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You Cannot Make EW Jackson Up

Since becoming the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in Virginia, a bunch of Bishop EW Jackson 's radom comments have surfaced including:

    1. Yoga can lead to Satan

    2. Planned Parenthood has been worse for African-Americans than the KKK and

    3. President Obama is both a Muslim and an atheist -- oh, and he represents an "evil presence"

    It would be easy to dismiss a crazy comment here or there -- and I would call out Democrats for saying strange stuff, too, they just have been doing a lot less of it of late, but there have been too many recently to do that.  Allen West was quoted this week as saying that Eric Holder is "more dangerous than al Qaeda."  What?  I know, I know, we should be so lucky that they don't start watching their words or hiring better speechwriters/communications people because as things are we can decide not to vote for them based on their level of insanity but we should still call it out when we see it.

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