Muslims Solve Conflict With Racists By Offering Them Cups of Tea


A nice cup of tea: Usually sorts everything out

Every true Englishman knows that a cup of tea fixes most problems. Rather than hide or fight back, Muslims in the north of England decided that the best way to deal with the fascist English Defense League protesting about the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby outside their mosque, was to invite them in for a cup of tea. From the Guardian:

York mosque dealt with a potentially volatile situation after reports that it was going to be the focus of a demonstration organised by a far-right street protest movement - by inviting those taking part in the protest in for tea and biscuits.

Around half a dozen people arrived for the protest, promoted online by supporters of the EDL. A St George's flag was nailed to the wooden fence in front of the mosque.

However, after members of the group accepted an invitation into the mosque, tensions were rapidly defused over tea and plates of custard creams, followed by an impromptu game of football.

As Bernard-Paul Heroux once said, "There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea."

Amen to that.