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Insane Video of Man on Hood of Speeding Car Urging Others to Call Police

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Only in the South...

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a man selling shrimp on the side of the road had his sign stolen by a man in passing truck. Taking matters into his own hands, the shrimp seller jumped on the hood of the truck and the driver took off down the freeway with him on it.

A car passing by captured the incident on camera and had the following relatively relaxed conversation with the shrimp seller, going and God knows how many miles per hour:

Man on hood of speeding car: Call the police for me!

Woman holding camera: What's going on?

Man on hood of speeding car:He ran me over and I jumped on the hood! Call the police for me.

Woman holding camera: Ok.

While the man on the hood of the car was not apparently telling the truth (he didn't get run over according to the police) he did seem fairly annoyed at the driver:

Apparently, no charges have been filed by any parties involved.