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If You Want to Be Productive, Don't Visit These 5 Classic Video Game Sites...

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It's Friday, and that means most of you reading this aren't doing what you are supposed to be doing; working. And that's OK, because it's Friday and you're not supposed to do anything productive with your time. While we'd obviously love it if you stayed on The Daily Banter all day, perusing the astonishingly well written, thought provoking pieces crafted to engage and enlighten, there are lots of damn cool sites that are there designed to distract you from all the important things you are supposed to be doing. The best of them involve mindless interactivity (ie. video games), and luckily for you, there are a few awesome places to go.

And what could be better than replaying the titles of your youth while pretending to do whatever the hell it is you actually get paid for?


We've found the best sites for classic video games to waste your time on. Be warned - you won't get anything done:

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Atari Breakout: Hours of fun/wasted time

1. Play 'Atari Breakout' online courtesy of Google. 

The search giant is commemorating the 37th birthday of classic Atari game, and giving us all a treat. Here's how to play it:

Type 'Atari Breakout' into google image search, and say goodbye to the rest of your day. I heard about this on facebook a few hours back and have been thwacking pixelated bricks with a ball ever since... Big props to Google.

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Sonic the Hedgehog: Mario's main rival in the 80's

2. Play classic games from Super Nintendo, GameBoy, Sega Mega Drive and a few other 90's consoles in your browser.

Here's how: Check out the fantastic list at the blog, download the plugins if necessary (mostly not with Chrome) and get playing! Super Mario World, Street Fighter II, Sonic the Hedgehog are all there. You name it, you can play it.

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Donkey Kong: The first 'platform' game of its kind

3. Play 1980's arcade games online has got all the golden oldies - Frogger, Pacman, Donkey Kong, and even Duck Hunt (although I'm not sure how fun it is without the gun). Not sure if it's just me, but the older the game, the more addictive I find it.

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Digger: Ridiculously fun

4.Play an obscure but incredibly addictive Canadian computer game from the 1980's

Heard of 'Digger'? This was probably my favorite game of all time. I spent hours on my dad's computer in the mid eighties gobbling up diamonds with a crocodile looking 'digger' machine, and avoiding weird looking aliens. Ridiculous fun. To play the game in your browser, go here.

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Space Invaders: The original arcade game

5. Play Space Invaders from the 1970's

Space Invaders, released in 1978, has got to be one of the greatest video game of all time. It was the precursor to modern video games, and spawned a generation of arcade playing addicts. Play it online right here.