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Drunk Man Runs at Elephant, World Goes Nuts

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A cheeky and rather drunk guide from the Singita Game Reserve at Kruger National Park in South Africa thought it would be fun to charge at an elephant roughly 90 times his own size. The elephant got a bit of a fright and ran off, and the man returned to his friends a hero. The video was uploaded onto youtube, and the world reacted with horror at the 'cruelty' of the act. Some comments on the video:

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"This makes me sick...disgusting behavior by all involved"

"What he did was unnecessary and cruel and monumentally stupid."

"i hope that guy gets charged by an elephant and dies next time!"

"disgusting. revoltiong. these crack heads are a disgrace to mankind"

Wildlife advocates are demanding the man be charged  and the Singita Game reserve has fired the man involved, releasing the following statement:

We have conducted a thorough investigation into the content of this video and the appropriate disciplinary measures have been taken to address this incident. The guide involved in the confrontation is no longer employed by Singita and further disciplinary procedures are in progress with regard to others involved.

Some perspective here. Firstly, the man is clearly an idiot and shouldn't be allowed near wildlife for his own safety. The reserve made the right decision in getting rid of him. But was this an act of 'disgusting cruelty'? Given he didn't touch the elephant, it's a bit of a stretch. Sure, the elephant got a little alarmed, but don't pigeons do the same when you stomp your foot at them in the park?

Also, it was kinda funny...