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The Daily Banter Weekly Wrap Up!

This week on TDB, we covered everything from video games, to porn, to Michele Bachmann, to Queen Elizabeth, to Glenn Beck, to Superman. What more can we do for you?

Here's what we covered at The Daily Banter this week.

Ben Cohen reviewed several classic video game sites; he covered the right-wing blogger who accused Obama of doing cocaine on the night of Benghazi; and he ranked the stupidest Buzzfeed lists of the week.

Oliver Willis evaluated the state of conservative media; and he compared American politics with Superman lore.

Alyson Chadwick covered Michele Bachmann's impending retirement; and she wondered why Anthony Weiner's mistakes are such a big deal.

Chez Pazienza wrote about the girl who confronted the CEO of McDonalds; he examined MSNBC's promotion of Chris Hayes to prime time; he examined the porn parody of HBO's 'Girls';

Kojo Koram covered the 60th coronation anniversary of Queen Elizabeth.

Jessica Furst detailed the celebrities who are crucial to the existence of mankind.

Bob Cesca confirmed that Michele Bachmann is indeed crazy; he covered the latest Glenn Beck conspiracy theory;